Your cell phone, tablet, and PC have the computing power of a 1980’s supercomputer that previously only governments could afford — but these resources are idle most of the time, doing nothing. What if the power of these idle devices could be harnessed?

Luminati has connected millions of devices through our P2P network. We incentivize users through our SDK, providing ad-free applications, in return for their idle device resources.

We are building the world’s largest business proxy network bringing full transparency back to the internet.

Thousands of businesses and corporations are now using Luminati’s residential proxy network to improve operations; online retailers – for collecting comparative pricing information, top websites – for testing their web sites from any city in the world, advertising networks – to combat ad fraud and malicious activity, cybersecurity firms – to ensure that websites do not contain malware and many more.

We continue to grow and improve our services, developing new products and improving our network to provide our customers with the most advanced proxy services in the world.

Proxy Protocols


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Proxy Protocols

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